PoziTone 0.6.6

Easily control SoundCloud.com, Digitally Imported (di.fm), VK.com, OK.ru, VGM Radio, etc. via keyboard shortcuts and more.

Easily control SoundCloud.com, Google Play Music, Digitally Imported, VK.com, OK.ru, etc. via keyboard shortcuts and more

PoziTone is an extension for the Google Chrome, Opera, and other Chromium-based browsers that adds new features to your favorite online media players.


— Displays info about current track

— Easy player control via pop-up notification or with the help of keyboard shortcuts!

— List of recent tracks

. . .

Supported online media players:

– SoundCloud | soundcloud.com (full version of site)

– Google Play Music | play.google.com/music

– AudioAddict network:

– ClassicalRadio.com

– Digitally Imported | di.fm (DI, DI.FM, or DI Radio)


– RadioTunes | radiotunes.com


– VK | vk.com | new.vk.com (audio, full version of site – old & new)

– VGM Radio | vgmradio.com

– Odnoklassniki | ok.ru (audio, full version of site)

– Online radio 101.ru (stations' main player)

. . .

External PoziTone modules (available in the Chrome Web Store):

(An external PoziTone module is a standalone extension which is able to provide PoziTone features by communicating directly with PoziTone behind the scenes.)

— SoundCloud Widget

— Sovyatnik

. . .

Keyboard shortcuts:

Alt+Shift+D — “Add track to playlist”.

Alt+Shift+F — “I like it!” (not preset).

Alt+Shift+N — “Next track” (not preset).

Alt+Shift+B — “Previous track” (not preset).

Alt+Shift+P — “Stop / Play”.

Alt+Shift+M — “Mute / Unmute”.

Alt+Shift+A — “Increase sound volume” (not preset).

Alt+Shift+Z — “Decrease sound volume” (not preset).

Alt+Shift+Q — “Show notification”.

Alt+Shift+R — “Activate the extension” (not preset).

. . .


This extension does not read, change, store, or transmit any of your personal data (e.g., logins, passwords, messages, contacts) from any of the sites or your computer in absolutely any form.



PoziTone 0.6.6